Our fields of application

Varied activity sectors

The SACRED group adapts to the needs of each client by offering innovative products in various fields of application. Discover the main activity sectors of our customers dedicated to the production of soles.

Luxury goods

A rubber sole provides comfort, suppleness and flexibility for products with a strong brand image. The versatility of rubber enables it to meet a wide range of needs, from shoes with a low-hardness sole used for the sport of curling, to rigid soles for mountaineering that can be fitted with metal crampons. The use of natural rubber and other biosourced fillers makes it possible to produce sustainable products, with greater concern for environmental management.
SACRED also develops a variety of flexible products for the leather goods industry.


We develop specific formulations to bid on public tenders for military contracts, in areas as varied as fireproof/heatproof soles for fighter pilots and for army boots.


Our adaptability to our customers’ needs means that our laboratories are able to meet the most demanding and specific requirements of the sports industry.
Some examples:

  • The soles are used to manufacture skipper shoes for sailing competitions
  • The soles are used to manufacture shoes for curling teams so that they can walk on the ice
  • The soles are used to manufacture shoes for fencers, to relay the scoring information between the athlete and the machine via the conductive floor which makes up the fencing strip.


By working to applicable standards (EN 20345, EN 15090, etc.) we can use our formulations to create products for specific applications such as waders for sewer workers, boots for firefighters and footwear used in proximity to blast furnaces. Our products can also possess specific electrical properties, ranging from insulating soles approved by EDF to anti-static or conductive soles for applications in the electronics sector, where the discharge of static electricity is a safety concern.

Construction and Public Works

Our know-how enables us to supply soles for the demanding applications in the construction and public works sector, in particular fireproof/heatproof soles for road-surfacing work.
Sacred Bertoise de Caoutchouc also manufactures all sorts of components such as safety contacts for use in the installation of street lighting, as well as large-scale seals that can measure up to 800 mm in diameter.