Our expertise

Our production methods

  •  3 x mixing lines :
  • 2 x lines dedicated to “clear” or “coloured” compounds
  • 1 x line dedicated to “black” compounds, completely isolated to avoid colour pollution
  •  15 compression presses, with forces from 100 tonnes to 400 tonnes
  •  3 injection presses

Our laboratory is our strength

Ours is one of the only sole-manufacturing sites equipped with its own in-house laboratory.
Our laboratory also has all the equipment necessary for developing formulas that meet each customer’s individual specifications. We can potentially develop any colour based on customer samples or on a predefined RAL colour in the customer’s specification.

Our commitment to quality

Our Sacred Bertoise de Caoutchouc site has a laboratory equipped with all the essential machinery for checking and characterising the rubbers used to produce the soles. It offers everything from the most common control equipment, rheometer and viscometer, to more specific equipment for the shoe sector, with an abraser and repeated flexing test equipment, as well as elasticity and insulation measurements in certain cases.